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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”s) section. Check this section to review answers to the most common questions regarding our service. For additional information Contact us


We want to offer an alternative to the traditional model. We believe not only large companies, but everyone disserves high quality music in their projects. We believe in the independent industry and we provide a different way for Latin artists, producers and composers to monetize their music. We allow them to make their music visible and connect them to potential clients such as TV and Film Producers, and App and videogame developers.

Through our platform, the best Latin composers, producers and artists apply to join our community and become visible to anyone who needs music. Clients seeking music may search our catalog, request music directly from our community of artists, composers and producers by creating a Project or ask for our help. Our team of musical consultants will review your needs and find the perfect music for their projects.

MusicAll acts as a representative of the artists, composers and producers. If we get a placement for them, we will split the fee earned from licensing the song (both master and publishing sides) 50/50 as our commission for the placement. In case, the song is subject to earn royalties for public performance, MusicAll will be entitled to receive a 30% commission for the following 5 years. MusicAll only receives a commission or royalty share on the placements that we secure. We do not participate on royalties for placements secured directly by the artists, composers and producers and where MusicAll has no participation.

* Placement shall be understood as a closed business by MusicAll or through

This is part of what differentiates us from other services and the traditional market. We allow our artists, producers and composers to establish their own fees. However, our clients may create Projects, establish the fees they are willing to pay and request music offers from our community. Therefore, we connect offer and demand in a more natural way. THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!


Because we understand the musical needs of our clients. We believe in customer service as an essential element. Not only we have an extensive catalog of original Latin music (including popular artists and composers), but we also have a community of some of the most talented artists, producers and composers that can create tailored music for your project.solution for your projects.

We are able to meet any music requirement in the most professional manner, working to satisfy your highest expectations.

Through our platform, the licensing process is simpler and faster, just a few clicks and you will be able to use the perfect music for your project.

We offer you a personalized service, being much more flexible than the companies who traditionally provide these services. We do not accept all the musical content that is uploaded by artists, composers and producers. We only accept artists and music meeting the highest quality standards. Our team of experts listens carefully to every song uploaded by the artists, producers and composers that apply to be part of our community. Only the best enter our community. Therefore, we know in detail our catalog and our community of artists and composers, which will allow us to filter more efficiently the content and provide solutions of high-quality music to our clients.

Through our Web site, we give our clients an easier and faster way to get the music content for their projects.

Our clients can receive a large number of free proposals from different styles, genres and artists and choose the ones that better suit their needs.

Our clients can receive music proposals from the best Artists and Composers.

Our fees are competitive and uniform regardless of the size of our client’s company or project.
Our clients can also receive musical proposals according to their budget or receive a professional, flexible and customized consulting service, in accordance with their needs, filtering the perfect music for their projects.

Our clients can also receive musical proposals according to their budget or receive a professional, flexible and customized consulting service, in accordance with their needs, filtering the perfect music for their projects.

Although we are able to provide a personalized off-line experience to our clients, the whole process can be done "online". In this way we can better service our international clients.

We can advise you to determine the type of music that best fits your project, and we can find the music inside or even outside our community. We truly want to solve any musical need you may have. Whether you need a live event or a custom song for your product or service, just let us know what you need and we will make it happen.

Visit, click on the service that adapts to the needs of your project, and fill the application form.

Although we specialize in Latin music, from Latin composers, artists and producers, you can find a great variety of music, from different genres and styles. Our community of artists and composers offers music for: Films, TV productions, advertising campaigns, Apps/video games, projects of other artists, live shows, corporate videos, among others.

Exactly! We can be there for you since the beginning of your project or after you have finished it. We will help and advise you to determine what is the perfect music for your project and what you want to communicate. We know music is a key element to create a bond between your brand and your target audience. We will help you obtain the best possible results!

We have a large community of artists and composers, and of songs, however, the artists and composers may have restricted the uses for some songs; you will be able to check this once you select the song you like.

If our client needs a license to use a know work we can help him. We can assist our client identifying the holders of the rights of a known song (major labels or exclusive publishers) and negotiate with them in your name. We have partnership agreements with major labels and publishers that allow us to identify and easily negotiate a license. However, it is important to understand that for this service, we do not control how long these negotiations take, or the fees that will be charged and we depend on the decisions of these companies. If our client looking for a specific song from a certain artist, that has already been published and signed a publishing company or a label, we will do our best to have that content, but depends on the permissions set by that company to do so.

Of course! We can help you determine which is the artist who best fits your strategy, and if you already have one in mind, we can help you achieve this! The artist can compose, perform or record the music for your project, or simply be the image of your campaign.

If the artist is not part of our community we will contact the artist and explain the characteristics of the project. Although we will do everything in our hands to involve the artist, the final decision will be on the artist.

You will receive the songs we propose for your project directly at your profile.

If you like a specific song and it adapts to your project needs, just click on the buying cart, define the characteristics of the license and follow the instructions to pay for the license.

Contact us directly to or or to the following telephone number: +57 3004733610 and tell us more about your needs. We will do everything in our hands to find the music you need and fulfill all your expectations.

Yes. When our artists and composers upload their music, they agree to our Terms and Conditions and guarantee that they have the copyrights and neighboring rights of the master and music composition. Our content clearance department also reviews the songs that have been approved in order to ensure the rights the artists and composers claim do not belong to any major label or exclusive publisher.

No. No way! If you create a project and request proposals, we will prepare a selection for you and send it to your profile. You can listen and review them at no cost. You will only have to pay if you want to use any of the songs presented to you.

At the time of creating a Project through your profile, you will find a budget field. This box defines the maximum amount (USD - US Dollars) that you are willing to pay for the music license.


Through our web site, there is a new and innovative way to offer your music content online, making it visible to clients from all over the world that are looking for quality music.

By creating a profile and uploading your music you are applying to a talented community that has the opportunity to propose music for advertising campaigns, films, TV series, video games, projects of other artists, live events, and much more.

You will retain all rights to your music. MusicAll is a totally non-exclusive website. We do not lay claim to any of the rights to your music. We simply act on your name in order to search opportunities. Even when we place your track, it is still 100% yours. You have simply given a license to the person who bought the license through MusicAll.

By creating a profile you will have a free marketing tool to contact different types of clients. It does not matter if you do not have any contacts in the industry. With MusicAll it is all about the quality of the music and finding what the clients are looking for.

You can exclude certain uses of your music. In case you do not want your music used in a certain media you can limit this when you upload the song.

Get notifications about Projects of clients that require music, and send your music as proposals only to those projects that interest you. Receive detailed information on everything that happens with your music.

They receive detailed information on everything that happens with your music, transactions and payments.

Visit, "click" on "Upload your music", register, and apply to make part of our community of artists and composers. Even if your songs are not selected, you will still be part of our community and receive all relevant information. You will have your own profile, where you will be able to upload your published or unpublished music. When your songs are selected and approved you will be able to see them in the “My Music” section of your profile.

You can upload all kinds of music in formats mp3 or WAV (max 50MB per song). YOU MUST BE the legitimate holder of the copyright and neighboring rights of the master and musical composition. If you are a representative (Manager, band leader, producer, etc.) of other composers or band members, you must ensure that you have written authorization from all right holders in order to upload your music. MusicAll may request at any time proof of these authorizations.

No. Never! This is precisely what we do not want. With MusicAll, your rights will always be yours. When you upload your music you accept our Terms and Conditions and name us as your non-exclusive representatives to license your songs to third parties. You can do whatever you want with your music. If you no longer want to be part of, just eliminate your songs from your profile. In the following 30 days your music will be eliminated from our Site.

As a general rule no. However, we have partnerships with record labels and publishers so Contact us and let us know your specific situation to see if we can work something out. If we are not able to obtain a license from your record company or publisher that authorizes us to act on their name, we will not be able to offer your music.

In your profile you can check the section 'View OPEN PLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIES' in order to see all open open opportunities and the specific conditions. You can review the projects in which you have participated as well as the general placement opportunities that we have shared. You can determine in which placement opportunities you want to participate.

We will continuously inform you on events that occur with your music. If one of your songs is chosen for a Project, you will receive a notification.

It will depend if you established a restriction or not. We can only offer your music in accordance with the instructions you give us at the time you upload it. You can determine the uses you authorize for your music during the uploading procedure.